How to learn more about the world around you


Hit the road, Jack

One of the best and the most fun ways to experience the world is to travel. This is a no-brainer, but it works miracles. If you can afford it, go to Europe or Asia and experience something that is very different than what you are used to. Keep your mind open wide and try not to compare cultures, but rather appreciate them for what differences they bring to the table.

Get out of your familiar comfort zone! Travels are the perfect excuse to get a little wild and to try stuff you’ve always been afraid to try. Just be polite and responsible, as recklessness can lead to troubles. If you can’t afford to go to another continent, just explore your backyard with a new perspective. Plan some sort of a “staycation” and visit your hometown as if you were a tourist fresh off the plane.

Read, children read

I might be subjective here since I am a book nerd, but except for traveling, I don’t think there’s a better way to experience different points of view and to educate yourself about the ways of the world than to read books.

It doesn’t matter if you read nonfiction or fantasy novels, you’d still be in contact with someone who lives in a different part of the world than you do, with someone who has opposite ways of seeing the world and behaving. This will expand your knowledge database, and it will make you less judgy, which is a real problem we, modern humans, have.

Books are the perfect vehicle to travel to remote places where you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, for cheap – as books are not expensive. Plus, they come in many forms like audiobooks, hardcovers and paperbacks, or ebooks which you can read on your Kindle.


Languages made us who we are today

This next trick is a bit more unconventional. But I think another exceptionally efficient way of figuring out the world is to learn a new language. This will allow you to communicate with a large number of people and it will automatically teach you a lot of new and cool things about the culture of the nations who speak that language. And people say that polyglots are more compassionate and open-minded.

The small things make all the difference

The last advice is a philosophical one. Try and see things from a new perspective. When you’re eating your favorite meal, ask yourself what is it about it that gets you so excited. Try and focus on each taste and smell and feel them as you felt them for the very first time.

Because, in all honesty, there’s no way of discovering the world if you don’t discover and learn who you are as a human being first.


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