My experience with binoculars


When you are searching for lists of equipment to help prepare you for any survival situation or a new adventure, binoculars aren’t often found on them. However, you should consider keeping a pair around, for more than one reason. From hunting animals to scouting missions and spying on your neighbors, binoculars are exceptionally useful in any scenario.


They make great gadgets for travels

For decades, sailors have used premium binoculars during their exciting missions, to help them spot ships on the horizon and to help them survive changes in weather conditions.

So if you’re planning a trip to the sea, a good pair should be found in your backpack. They will allow you to see every coastline and every marine life form that crosses your path from a safe distance. Also, in case something goes wrong, they could help you find your way or see if help is coming.

They might also be good when exploring mountains, as you can’t possibly reach every peak. This way, you can enjoy your travels more and for less money. A good pair of binoculars is also helpful for those snap moments when something unexpected happens because you can get first row seats as you will have an extra pair of eyes to watch that event unfold.

Hunters consider them must-haves

You will want to get high-performance binoculars if you like to hunt on a regular basis or just from time to time. Before your hunting trip actually starts, binoculars can allow you to gather recon about the animals you’re about to hunt.

You can quickly figure out where bears, turkeys, and other animals regularly walk, so you’ll be one step ahead and in the perfect position for your next adventure. Later on, binoculars can let you see through dense forest that would be improbable to see through in normal conditions or at nighttime.


Survival of the one that has the fittest tools

In most extreme survival situations, binoculars and other devices like these can even be adjusted to start a fire. Basically, you can use them as magnifying glasses if you do not have matches available. Furthermore, the lenses themselves can be used as signaling devices if nothing else is available.

Also in emergency situations, a high-end pair can buy you extra time for things like strategic planning, an approach which is going to increase your chances of success massively. For example, you’ll for sure be able to see a riot or a tornado coming your way from afar, which will give a lot of time to prepare and take cover.

You can next use your binoculars to scout around, to analyze terrains and routes and determine where to set camp if something bad could happen. Rangefinder binoculars are more reliable than normal ones for this task, so you need to read a buying guide if you want to make sure you’ll find the right type for your needs.

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